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Playstix® Deluxe Set, 211 pieces

Product Number: PPY90001
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Winner of a Parents' Choice Recommended Award !Welcome to Playstix!The toy that allows you to build the ordinary and inspires...

Winner of a Parents' Choice Recommended Award !

Welcome to Playstix!
The toy that allows you to build the ordinary and inspires you to build the extraordinary.

More Pieces, More Fun! That's right, Playstix Deluxe Set includes more Playstix pieces wheels and a molded Building Base designed to make stacking and transporting your creations easy. Our BIG 50 page idea booklet shows everything you can do from our original set, our vehicles set, plus MORE!

Groovy Shape: Each Playstix piece has grooves that interlock when one playstix piece is placed across another. The different length Playstix pieces are color-coded, so it's easy to see how each model is built.

Think it! Build it!
Once you've mastered your building skills, you'll want to explore the possibilities of Playstix unique

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