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Brackitz® Mini STEAM Center

Product Number: BKZ82142
Do you know what is challenging about buying the right building kit for your young engineer? You have to buy more than one ed...

Do you know what is challenging about buying the right building kit for your young engineer? You have to buy more than one educational toy to get all the benefits of STEM learning and none of them work with each other. We realized this and are delighted to announce the Mini STEAM Center! This wonderfully designed toy has 204 pieces, a reusable plastic container and comes with all of our most popular series: Inventor, Pulleys & Cranks, Wheels & Axles, and Gears, Sprockets, & Chains all in one. All Brackitz pieces work together so your young builder to create a multitude of different projects.It is ideal for any parent wanting to be a creative hero!

Mini STEAM Center has large planks, connectors, and parts for driving, pulleys, and gears. Brackitz’ connect-anywhere design is great for improving fine motor skills as well as gross motor skills. Keep your kids happy for hours while learning and playing.

Mini STEAM Center offers hours of STEM learning while playing, designed to promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Need some inspiration?

Brackitz is designed with open-ended play in mind - you are not limited to just certain builds that are in the instructions. We have been inspiring artists, makers, scientists, designers, innovators in the home and classroom....a trusted choice by parents and educators alike.

Full STEAM ahead! (pun intended!)

Some Things You Can Build with Brackitz Construction Sets:
  • Design and build a roller coaster
  • Create your own Rube-Goldberg Machine
  • Build eye-hand coordination and create a fort!
  • Make a snack pulley
  • Build a toy car
  • Create mazes
  • Learn the alphabet by BUILDING LETTERS!

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