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Learn It By Art™ Math Art Integration Kit, Numbers & Operations in Base 10, 1st Grade

Product Number: DIXP1000110
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Designed with busy teachers in mind, these art integration kits include pre-prepped materials and detailed instructions to de...

Designed with busy teachers in mind, these art integration kits include pre-prepped materials and detailed instructions to deliver 3 lessons to 30 students. The hands-on activities help improve tested math skills by using art to teach difficult concepts. These kits were developed in partnership with STEAM experts at Education Closet to provide comprehensive lesson plans, even for teachers without an art background. The teacher’s guide is complete with lesson plans, pre- and post-assessments, differentiation tips, a curriculum map with arts integration ideas for future lessons, and a link to an online community to access videos and additional resources. Unique pre-prepped materials allow teachers to spend more time engaging with their students and teaching the lessons, and less time prepping. Materials include: color splash art cards, wood sticks, assorted construction paper, and jumbo stems.

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