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Hands-On Science Fun

Product Number: CAP9781543509670
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There are 6 titles in this Series.Each of these books gives safe, simple step-by-step instructions for a project that will he...

There are 6 titles in this Series.

Each of these books gives safe, simple step-by-step instructions for a project that will help young readers understand science. Learn how to make a fizzy rocket, a liquid rainbow, a tornado in a bottle, and much more with these easy and fun activities. Plus, readers can learn more with an augmented reading experience and reality video accessed through a free app.


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Some places in the world are cold. Others are hot. Some lands are wet, and others are cold. Learn about these habitats and th...
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Grandpa's Garden

$6.74 $8.99 -25%
This beautifully told story follows Billy from early spring to latesummer as he helps his grandpa on his vegetable patch. The...
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The Beeman

$6.74 $8.99 -25%
Through rhyming text and warm, expressive paintings, a child describes the work her Grandpa does to take care of honeybees an...