Approximately 11" long with a full chromatic scale in low C, the flutophone is shaped like a clarinet with raised finger hole...


Bright, colorful Maracas with an easy-grip handle and terrific sounds. Assorted colors. Pair. Ages 3 and up

Egg Shakers

Each egg shaker fits easily into all hands-large or small. They can make a multitude of sounds, depending on how hard they're...

Crow Sounder

Complete your rhythm band! Try different ways to play this fun Crow Sounder to see what sorts of sounds you can create! Ages ...


Gentle hand motions create waves of color and clattering with the exotic rhythm instrument. Assorted colors. Ages 3 and up.

4" Triangle

Pure of tone, this 4" triangle has a non-detachable loop handle allowing easy playing and producing a clear ring. Ages 3 and ...

Finger Castanet

Once you get the hang of holding these colored clappers in your upturned palms and snapping then shut with your fingers, you'...